New Month's Resolutions: November

October was a very productive month! I finished 2 books, finished another Montessori mobile, had a baby, sold some of my cloth diaper stash, sold stuff on ebay, and even did a bit of Christmas shopping. Hunter went to three different pumpkin patches (once with us, another time with his tios, and another time with my mom and his school) and had a Halloween parade at school. Papi took him riding his bike on some trails, then he came home and washed his bike. Finally, we spent lots of time loving on our new baby girl :)

These were my goals last month:

Be patient [for the baby to arrive]. I wasn't exactly patient, but while I was waiting, I got a lot done!

Do special time with HunterI was good about this up until the baby arrived.

RELAX for now and SLEEP when baby sleeps once he/she is here. Yes, lots of relaxing before baby arrived, but only a few naps here and there once she arrived.

Goals for November:

1. Send out birth announcements and/or holiday cards. We just did a family photo session and plan to send out holiday cards, but I haven't figured out if I will make the birth announcement part of the holiday card, or send out something separate...

2. Continue to work on my connection with Hunter. It's been challenging, yo. Taking care of a newborn has been so easy. Even sleep-deprived, it's just so much more enjoyable this time and I am so much more relaxed. Parenting Hunter, however, just got tougher. He is great with his sister. Loves her, wants to hold and see her all the time. Isaiah and I are just trying to figure out how to balance giving him what he needs with everything else going on in our home.

3. SLEEP when baby sleeps. I am so lucky to be home with my baby right now, but there are so many things to DO around the house. I need to stop and sleep at least one sleep with her before I pick up Hunter from school.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the cuteness is just too much here. The kids are just adorable and you all make such a lovely family!
    I personally would use the Christmas cards as baby announcement, but I'm kind of lazy that way, so I don't know if you should listen to me ;-)
    And yes on the "nap when the baby naps" bit! I was always awful at that, with both girls. If I had a baby now, I think I might do things differently. Long-term well-being is so much more important than doing the house chores, and so much of it revolves around proper sleep! Plus you deserve itbabe, you've just made another tiny human! If anyone deserves a bit of extra rest, it's you ;-)
    A huge hug from Switzerland! I do wish you still lived here so I could come visit! xo


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