JULIAN & Co. ID Bracelet Review

You can personalize the front of the ID plate as well as the back with up to 10 characters, such as this one with baby's birthday.

ID bracelets are a pretty traditional baby gift, wouldn't you agree? In fact, an ID bracelet was my dad's go-to gift for a new baby in the family. If he were still with us today, Hunter would be wearing an ID bracelet from his Grandpa James, that's for sure. Well, you can imagine my delight when Tania of JULIAN & Co. agreed to create an ID bracelet for Hunter as part of our partnership. It may not be from grandpa, but it's certainly the next best thing!

Disclosure: Although we received this sterling silver ID bracelet courtesy of JULIAN & Co., all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

PROS: The bracelet is simple and classic without coming across as too plain. My biggest complaint about other ID bracelets I've seen from big name stores is that they tend to look a little tacky, and when I search etsy, I find lots of ID bracelets with fonts and embellishments that are too childish for my taste. I think the rolo chain and the Futura font make this ID bracelet much more stylish than the others I've seen, so it's no surprise that Hunter's shiny arm party has already caught the attention of friends and strangers alike. I also like that this timeless bracelet will grow with my boy. 

CONS: The name plate is already scratched up. I know that all silver jewelry scratches easily, so it was inevitable (and no fault of craftsmanship). But the scratches are not the normal wear and tear type -- these are from Hunter going crazy playing and crawling around on the floor. Luckily, the scratches don't take away from the beauty of the bracelet, and you could say that they give it a nice "loved" look. If this bothers you, my only idea to combat it would be to start off with a smaller bracelet (5.5 inches) for baby to wear from birth until she is not crawling as much, retire that one, and then get the next size up that will stay looking all shiny and new (maybe). 

Hunter's bracelet is 6 inches long (recommended for toddlers and little kids), and the rolo chain makes it easy to adjust the length. As you can see from one of the photos, there's plenty of extra chain, so it will last him a while.

What do you think about ID bracelets? Did you wear one as a child? Do your children wear them?

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  1. does Hunter try to take it off? I know Jackson would go bananas trying to rip that thing off. How do you keep it on him?

    1. haha! He hardly notices it. Most of the time he's too busy getting into stuff to mess with it, but every now and again he'll play with it a little. He only tugs on it or gives it a bite. He's never tried taking it off. I have him wear it now with the hope that he'll be so used to it that later he won't even realize he's wearing it!


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