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I am glad to hear that some of my friends in the cold places of the world are starting to see signs of spring, so now I don't feel so bad posting photos of our amazing beach weather in San Diego. Here's a look at our visit to the beach a couple of weeks ago.

We don't go to the beach nearly as often as we should, and this was the first time we really let Hunter play in the sand. And I learned some things.

If you let your baby play in the sand, he will throw it everywhere. It will get everywhere. You will have to strip him down to his birthday suit at the open air showers before you can put him in your car.

If you plan a picnic at the beach, you will eat sand. I mean I always find a little sand in my food, but with a baby, you will eat more sand than you ever thought possible.

Maybe next time we should head to the beach earlier in the day and eat lunch back at home!

P.S. We still love our SIGG bottles around here...

Papa SIGG, Mama SIGG, and Baby SIGG

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