Sand Castle Molds for Little Globetrotters

all images via Hape Toys
Is it too early to start talking about sand toys? Not around here. We could be at the beach like now using these bad boys. (Note to self: Go to the beach more. It's beautiful. It's free. Enough said.)

So, OK, these sand castle molds are not Made in USA or Fair Trade like my usual deal... BUT they are made by this German company that swears they do things right by Mother Earth and have socially-responsible programs in place, so there's that. Plus, aren't they just so neat?


  1. I need to get some good sand toys for Ilsa - I'll definitely check these out!

    1. Aren't these fun? After seeing literally 3 different families play with someone else's sand toys today, I realize that it's best to have several sets on hand because they will get lost, forgotten, or accidentally taken... as my boy runs off with a shovel... :)

  2. We just got some sand toys!! Beach date soon :)

  3. oooh, those are totally awesome! I want to get some for my nephew for his next birthday!


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