His Valentine's Day Wishlist (and A Big Favor)

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Do you exchange gifts with your love on Valentine's Day? I remember our first Valentine's Day very well. We had been dating less than a month. He brought over some homemade dinner and a gift box filled with three cute tops from Urban Outfitters. I wore them until they got holes. I gave him a gift basket filled with Italian paraphernalia I picked up at a local Italian market. That was actually the last time I remember exchanging gifts. It's just not our thing. Last year, we went out to Corvette Diner with our baby boy. We've decided to make it a tradition, so we'll be back there again this year. Except I will have a gift in hand, and it may or may not be something from this list.

If your man is anything like mine, he is very good at dropping hints about what he likes. It can range from new music that he covets (but for some reason he just won't treat himself) to things he needs like shoes (but won't get until he's worn out his other shoes good and done and then it's too late because they don't have his size) to dream goodies like a Freitag bag or a new bike (to replace his beloved BMC Teammachine that got in a fight with a car last year and lost -- which thank heavens is all we lost that day).

Still need to figure out what to get your man friend this holiday? Give him...

Something to listen to. Try: The Glitch Mob, Zechs Marquise, or Bosnian Rainbows.
Something to wear. Try: Oliberté Fair Trade certified shoes made in Africa or a Swiss-made Freitag messenger bag (if the budget allows, or a wallet or travel toiletry bag for something more affordable).
Something to do. Try: taking a bike ride together (if that's one of his favorite things to do), cooking him his favorite meal, or sending him on a solo trip someplace cool.

And this is where the BIG FAVOR comes in. Please help me send Isaiah on a solo trip to Belgium to ride the Tour of Flanders on a new BMC bike! All you have to do is visit the competition webpage and "like" his entry. The contest closes February 15, 2014. (UPDATE: Isaiah didn't win this year, but thanks so much for your support, friends!)


  1. Liked! Good luck, hope he gets to go!

  2. I really like the bag and its two-tone-ness. We don't really tend to do much, nothing special anyway.

    Cheers for the comment, sounds like a good time to bone up on some bird calls then!

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Yes! The two tones are not just a fun way to brighten up an otherwise dreary ensemble, but it's functional for cyclists, too. The eye-catching colors make riders more visible, which I highly support!!

      Bird calls!? oy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Elisa! If he wins, it's a boys' trip. Wish I would be going too, but that's not really feasible with the bebe ;)

  4. mark is so not in to valentines day...so i'm struggling on what to get him..so far i have a nice dark chocolate bar from max chocolatier...um....but i'm stuck! will check out the competition now!

  5. Hi Amanda! Do I like it on Facebook for it to qualify? Sorry for bonehead question...
    Love, Corrie

    1. Corrie, love! Aren't you sweet? Thank you! Just go to the link for his entry (http://www.bmctempo.com/gf/when-life-throws-you-cobbles-isaiah-f/) and at the bottom right corner of the photo, you click "like" button and it automatically updates facebook. xoxo


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