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This nursing bra by BoobDesign is called the Fast Food Bra, and it is my new favorite. I know I've extolled the wonders of Made in USA Bella Materna bras (here), but the first time I tried on the Fast Food Bra, I was sold. It is so comfy that I hardly know I'm wearing it (which is super important since I sleep in my bra). And like my BM bras, the Fast Food Bra is made from materials that are free of toxins. I might even continue to wear it when I am not nursing a baby anymore -- it's that cute and comfy. (Oh, and I'm definitely never going back to underwire...)

Unlike other nursing bras that expose a lot of boob when you unhook the cup for nursing access, this bra actually has a layer underneath the cup that allows only the necessary (nipple, areola, and a bit of skin) to pop out. Paired with my striped Simone dress by BoobDesign (first appeared here, and worn here and here), I feel pretty modest nursing in public without a cover (which is a must since Hunter refuses to nurse under cover).

The one thing that is a bit annoying is that the fabric loop on the strap that is sewn onto to the nursing access hook component is very narrow, so sometimes it slides around a bit, making it difficult to fasten quickly.

By the way, I won this bra through a facebook giveaway after I voted for them on red tricycle. Thank you BoobDesign! Wahoo!!!

UPDATE: Less than a month after I started wearing this bra, one of the plastic hook components broke. I found the piece on my sleeping baby... eek! But, I contacted the good people at Boob and they took the matter very seriously. They sent me a replacement and sent my feedback off to their designers and producers. It seems that future productions of this bra will make improvements to the straps.

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  1. Mandy it's so cool, you are always winning stuff and this is a very good win.


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