Eight Months

First selfie! j/k
Well, everything that I mentioned Hunter wasn't doing last month he started doing shortly after the seven- months mark. He can now do the traditional cross crawl and roll from back to belly. Not only are we chasing him all over the house now, but diaper changes are really fun with a baby who is not satisfied being on his back. Now I know why my cousin's baby never has his romper snapped closed at the crotch. As soon as the diaper is changed, it's just not worth the effort to finish dressing him.

Hunter also cut his fourth tooth this month and discovered how to grind his teeth. Yay! Despite the challenges, it's so fun to watch him explore and grow into a little boy. He played in beach sand for the first time and loved it. He makes silly noises and faces just for kicks. He used to fall asleep at night only while nursing, but now most nights he prefers daddy to rock him to sleep. He also likes to say "baba" over and over. It doesn't mean anything yet -- just his nonsense talk.

Things we're working on: clapping (so not interested), signing "milk," and NOT walking.

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  1. SO CUTE!!1 wesley just learned how to clap, like i'd been teaching him it forever and then spontaneously at dinner he just did it by himself, what the heck!


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