DIY Natural Home Deodorizers

Not to be gross, but my bathroom stinks. And really, it's the baby's fault. OK, so technically it's not his choice to wear cloth diapers, but since we do use them, stinky diapers seem to linger around more than 'sposies would. You see, the baby's pee and poop have gotten stinkier ever since he started solids. We keep a large wet bag in our bathroom, and that's where we toss all his diapers. When he was itty bitty, I never used to zip up the bag because nothing even remotely offensive would waft out of that bag. But now? Fuchi! We started zipping up the bag, but that was not enough.

Thankfully, after a google search for natural deodorizers, I found our solution! First, I leave a small bowl with vinegar in a corner of the bathroom near the toilet. Next, I have this little jar of natural goodness that I place near the wet bag, and we have eliminated the stink!

The best part is that I didn't even have to go to the store to put these solutions into place. Everything I used I already had at home. For the jar, I just took an old glass jar of used-up veggie broth (I love that the glass is dark brown because it makes it very apothecary-like), filled it halfway with baking soda, added a drop or two of vanilla extract and about 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Then, I covered the top with some cheese cloth and tied it in place with kitchen twine. (Idea from here.)

Another great way to make the whole house smell lovely is to try one of these DIY air fresheners. I put some water, two cinnamon sticks, a slice of orange, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla to boil on the stove, and it made my whole kitchen smell awesome! Don't forget to keep adding water as the liquid boils down ;)


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