Seven Months

Pretty much right around the six-months mark, Hunter started sitting up all by himself when placed in a seated position. (What posture! Sure puts us to shame.) He was wobbly at first, but now I am pretty confident leaving him to sit and play, although I do still like to keep the Boppy behind him because the few times he's lost his balance and toppled backward, it broke my heart to hear him cry...

As you can see from the photos, he's a bit of a climber. He doesn't try to climb up onto furniture or anything like that, but he does like to bring himself to his feet by climbing up on us if we're lying around the floor with him. As for crawling, still no traditional crawl, but he gets around scooting on his belly. He's also started to move from a seated position to his belly in order to go exploring, such as opening and closing kitchen drawers in his reach (yikes!) and yanking on electrical cords. Although he can roll from belly to back, he doesn't do it very often I think because once on his back, he's a bit like a turtle and can't return to his belly.

He's been joining us at the table for meals now, at least once a day. He doesn't get to eat everything we're eating yet, but we've been giving him bits of whatever I've cooked for dinner, and he seems to really enjoy eating solids.

Last month he cut two bottom teeth, and this month we could see an upper front tooth about to push its way through. He also went on his first camping trip. While on vacation, that upper tooth finally cut through, and he stopped sleeping in his Woombie (swaddle). I feel like we left for camping with a baby and came back with a little boy!


  1. Could he be more precious? It's been fun to compare his past pictures to the current one. Big change. Love our boy soooo...much.

  2. precious boy!!! get ready, 7 months is when it seems to start getting real! :)


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