First Father's Day

We took papa out to brunch at one of his favorite places, JFAT in Point Loma. They were so nice -- with our check they gave Isaiah a gift card to come back again. What a Happy Father's Day! 

Funny how even though it was Father's Day, I mostly took photos of Hunter and forgot to take some of papa. Oops!

Back at home, later that evening, I captured Isaiah doing what he does best, taking care of his boy. You're such an amazing father, Isaiah. I feel so blessed to be on this adventure with you!


  1. I love the llama llama books!

    1. Me too! Isaiah has a strong opinion about the board books he reads to Hunter, so I was glad that this book made the cut. He doesn't mind reading the nighty-night book over and over again!

  2. Hunter is blessed to have to fantastic parents. Isaiah is a terrific dad.


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