On Being a Mother

I am a mother today and forever because of that little man. Sometimes I still can't believe I brought him into this world. That in my body formed that perfect little face. My eyes. His dad's chin and nose. That in my body grew those scrumptious little toes and fingers. That in my body grew a little person who is already growing up to be his own little person.

Now I understand all the cliches. They grow so fast. He's the apple of my eye. I love him more today than yesterday. But all that still so inadequately describes how I feel about my son. (And it still feels funny to type "my son.") The love I have for him is so profound that I truly have no words to describe it. Yet another cliche, I know.

I know this day, my first Mother's Day, is supposed to be all about me taking a long bath and a nap and getting cards and flowers, and believe me, I did enjoy my day, but mostly I am thankful for Hunter. I celebrate Hunter for all he has taught me and for all he has yet to teach me. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mother, so I thank him for making me one. There is just no celebrating me without celebrating him.

Hunter, boy, there is no me without you. It is a privilege to be your momma.

Celebrating my beautiful momma, on Sunday!
Celebrating me, on Sunday!


  1. this was so so sweet. it is all true. and we only get them like they are 'today' for such a short time, it makes me so sad how fast time goes!!

    1. that's why I need to remember to take more pictures!


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