Five Months

Hunter was a very busy baby this month!

At 19 weeks he started making spit bubbles and blowing lip raspberries (lip only, no tongue, yet) and we highly encourage it!

Then at 20 weeks he found his feet and started grabbing at his toes while sitting in the Bumbo or getting his diaper changed. He also started sticking out his tongue like a lizard, which we also encourage by telling him, "Do the lizard!" and imitating a lizard with our own tongues. How can you be upset at a midnight diaper change when your baby starts doing the lizard?? Also, we had been blowing raspberries on his belly for weeks with nary a reaction. But at 20 weeks, it finally started making him giggle!

At nearly 21 weeks, he started doing a sort of army crawl. He scoots forward(ish) by kicking his legs and using his arms (and forehead). It's so cute to watch! (See a video at the end of this post.)

The funny thing is, most of these milestones only lasted a week or two. The army crawl turned into a roll from his belly to his back. And he doesn't really blow raspberries any more. As for his feet, now he tries to eat them! ;)


  1. I love his expression on the upper right hand picture.

  2. he is adorable and happy looking!!! wesley now is like is crazy. he's learned to stand up and is doing it ALL the time but he doesn't know how to get back down! the worst is when he wakes up at 6am...apparently excited to stand up then has to cry for me to come save him. i put him back down and he falls right back to sleep but he does it a couple times each morning! no bueno! its also bad when i'm not near and he falls...oh my goodness. he's learning to brace himself quite well though, ha!

    1. thanks! yeah, Hunter has been sitting up really well, but he's taken a couple of falls backwards. It's so sad, but I guess he needs to go through it to learn to balance himself.


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