Nursing Necklace

Personalized with Hunter's stats
Not gonna lie. I'm pretty lucky that my friend's aunt, Tania, is the super talented creator of JULIAN & Co. I am even luckier that she attended my baby shower and gave me a gift certificate to her shop.

I've been eyeing the nursing necklace since before I was pregnant. Like way before. As in six or seven years ago (?) when my friend and I posed for Tania. She wanted "models" for her new website. For the photos, she instructed us to look like moms. I wore a cardigan and my friend wore a fitted blazer :)

If you click on the link, you'll see that Tania still uses our picture. Teehee. I keep bugging her about hiring REAL models.

Hunter hasn't taken hold of the ring yet while nursing, but once he does, there's no worry because sterling silver is naturally anti-microbial, so this is one piece of jewelry that's super safe for baby and super stylish! 

Anyway, I love my necklace and will treasure it always...


  1. That is a cool necklace! I haven't been nursing for ages, but I'd love to have a fun layering piece with the girls' names on it!

    1. Well, there's no rule about needing to wear this necklace only for nursing. Go for it! I plan to wear mine long after I stop nursing Hunter ;0)


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