My Cloth Diaper Journey Part One: Getting Started

My Diaper Changing Station
I started thinking about cloth diapers even before I got pregnant, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In fact, this whole business has been quite a journey, so I thought I'd share it with you in three parts. (Update 10/5/2015: I ended up writing six different parts! Scroll to the bottom of this post to find the other parts of my cloth diaper series.)

Part One is all about the information I researched to get started with cloth diapering. Part 2 will be an update on how it's been going for us, and Part 3 will be how I get those poopy diapers CLEAN!

Here are the steps I took to get better acquainted with this kind of diapering:

1. Learn the Lingo

The cloth diapers my mom used 30+ years ago (flats or prefolds with a cover) are not a thing of the past, but they aren't the only way.

Since some day care centers won't bother with prefolds and some parents prefer a system that's more like disposable diapers, you can now choose from All-in-Ones, Pocket Diapers, or Hybrid systems. 

***I learned the lingo from here.

2. Choose a System or Two

Once you've learned all there is to know about the kinds of reusable diapers that are available, choose what makes most sense to you. Some questions to consider:

-Will the baby attend day care? (If so, you may want to lean toward All-in-Ones from the get-go.)
-Are both you and your partner on board with this kind of diapering?

Now that you've decided on a diapering style or system that fits your lifestyle, research a couple of brands that match that style. 

***We decided to go with prefolds and waterproof covers.

3. Register/Trade/Resell

Before committing 100% to any one system or brand, it's a good idea to purchase or register for small quantities of diapers and covers. Remember to consider sizing, and don't forget to try out a couple of different brands. If you decide you prefer one brand over another, you can always return unused diapers and get more of the brand you prefer. 

Also, any diapers that you gently use and decide don't work for you might work for someone else. Local cloth diaper shops in your area may host cloth diaper swap meets where you can get used diapers for cheap, so be on the look out for those!

***I registered for and received 3 BabyKicks hemp fleece and organic cotton blend prefolds and one Loveybums wool cover. Additionally, I bought one more Loveybums cover. I also used gift cards I received at my shower to buy a dozen OsoCozy unbleached cotton prefolds as well as 2 BumGenius Pocket diapers to use as waterproof covers.

4. Don't Forget About Accessories

You also need to figure out if you'll use cloth wipes or disposable, pins or Snappis (if you go with prefolds), and a dry or wet diaper pail.

***I registered for and received a package of Snappis as well as a medium-sized wet bag for tossing soiled cloth diapers in my diaper bag while I'm on the go. I figured I'd be washing diapers often, so I opted against a pail and instead purchased a large wet bag to keep soiled diapers in between washes.

5. Have Fun!

The styles, colors, and patterns out there can be super cute. It can take a lot of self control not to go crazy buying cute diapers or covers.


  1. They have made huge strides in cloth diapering, haven't they? Personally, I used gDiapers for Stella, which I absolutely loved!

    1. gDiapers are cute, but they did not work for us!

  2. we used cloth diapers as well and will again with our second (hopefully the laundry situation is going to work out in CH for us!). wool covers are definitely cute...we LOVED ours from this Etsy shop...

    1. haha. the other day as my husband and I were discussing the pros and cons of moving back I was like, babe, what are we going to do about washing the baby's diapers?? We only had one laundry day/week, so I am hoping that if this move happens we will find an apt with first-come first served laundry room service or a private laundry hookup in the apt. we'll see... That shop is cute. I recently brought from here:


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