Easter Meal with Dietary Restrictions

Got to use my vintage Pyrex dishes!
Since cutting out soy, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, etcetera, I've only had to endure two holiday meals: Christmas and Easter. Christmas wasn't that bad because our family serves tamales, which are gluten-free, and other finger foods, so the only thing I had to steer clear of was the dessert table.

This year for Easter, we kept it to a small gathering which meant we had a lot more control over the foods on offer. My mom is following a diet similar to mine to help her rheumatoid arthritis and my sister has been watching what she eats in general. The guys, well, they don't seem to mind all the health-nut stuff we've been feeding them. At least not too much :)

Here was our Easter menu, buffet-style:

We ate the Easter Bunny!
Conejo en Salsa de Chocolate (Rabbit in Chocolate Sauce -- the rabbit was Isaiah's idea! Twisted?) **The "sauce" didn't turn into the gravy we thought it would. It was more like a brothy gravy, still good, but we need to work on thickening it up next time. (We didn't follow the recipe exactly.)

Momma didn't feel like rabbit, so I roasted her a little hen!
Cornish Game Hen with Root Vegetables **I used beets, parsnips, and turnips instead of the potato and carrots the recipe calls for.

Three-Bean Salad with Green Onions and Snap Peas (from Momma's garden!)

Black Rice

 ...and Corn Meal Dumplings

The Final Product!

You know what, for being such a health-conscious meal, it was mighty tasty! Who says you have to have ham and creamy green bean casserole? Not me (but I do love that casserole)!


  1. It all looks so delicious! Which one was your favorite??? It's comforting to know if we go back to SD I'll be able to find whole rabbits and cornish hens just like in France. Now I have to work on finding those sausages here to recreate the recipe.

    1. Hard to choose just one dish! The dressing for my mom's bean salad is delicious and my husband's dumplings were a real hit! But I definitely ate one too many macaroons. I don't get to eat dessert very often, so this treat definitely satisfied my sweet tooth!

  2. Oh my goodness - Rabbit in chocolate sauce? Yes, please. Looks so amazing! (And gotta love seeing the pyrex)

    1. It is my dream to have a huge kitchen with shelves full of vintage pyrex dishware!


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