Big Sur, California: Jade Cove

After a morning spent hiking the trails at our campsite, Isaiah and I explore the area around Jade Cove, so called for its supposed nuggets of jade sprinkled about the shoreline. A trail that leads to the edge of the nearby cliffs winds us through poppies and other vegetation, with an occasional visit from a Monarch butterfly or two. It's the off-season (our preferred time of travel), so we're alone on the trail. It feels like ours. All ours.

We make our way down to the cove and I watch Isaiah dig around for the green pearls. He could stay here all day, and I could watch him all day as I sun myself on a rock, like the elephant seals that occupy these parts. Our stay here is short, but it's the mini-vacation we've both needed.

Stay tuned for more about our campsite! And excuse the photos... the lens on Isaiah's phone was smudged so there's an undesired cloudy effect.

Searching for jade...


  1. Big Sur is absolutely beautiful (a little cold for me, but beautiful) and it sounds like a great way to spend a wedding anniversary!

  2. that is truly stunning!!!


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