Conscious Consumerism: Fournier

The Christine Necklace
Krystal from Village recently posted about a clothing and accessories company called Fournier  that completely had me at baby alpaca wool. Their clothing for children is exquisite, stylish and of first-rate quality comparable to high-end French and Italian baby clothes. The best part? Founder Anabel Fournier started the company out of a desire to bring poverty relief to Bolivian artisans. (Check out their mission.) Since I don't have babies yet, my first purchases included goodies for two of my girlfriends who will be giving birth to baby boys this summer and a necklace for me!

Everything arrived in beautiful packaging...

Organic Cotton T-Strap Booties

Max Shirt

The Christine Necklace - arrived in a small raw silk bag


  1. Oh my God!!! Thank you Amanda for such a beautiful post!! I am so glad you liked it!
    Thank you!!!

  2. aww it makes me so happy that you found this through my blog! everything looks so so pretty - and i can only imagine how soft and delicate it is!

  3. Hi, Anabel, it was my pleasure!

    Krystal - seriously, I owe you one. I'm so glad to have found out about this company.


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