Is that Cinnamon?

Gluten-free Cinnamon Roll from Mariposa Bakery in Oakland, CA
Ground hazelnut paste looks a lot like cinnamon goo (like the kind on cinnamon rolls). When visiting Swiss bakeries, Isaiah and I would often spot some delicious-looking pastry filled with what appeared to be cinnamon goo. Time and time again we'd order the pastry hoping maybe this time it would be cinnamon-y. We actually never learned our lesson and never found a pastry made with cinnamon. 

Friends in Switzerland, does such a pastry exist? Perhaps in the French region? The only time we ever had cinnamon rolls was at an American-Swiss household. Now don't get me wrong. The Nussgipfel makes a sweet breakfast on the go, but I think the Swiss ought to experiment with a "Zimtgipfel."


  1. amen sister, they really should!!! i haven't had a cinnamon dessert here yet, but seeing this made me want to go to the bakery like real bad

  2. Krystal - please do tell me if you ever find a cinnamon treat in CH!


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