Riverside, California: A Darling Downtown and Historic Hotel

Friends, you met Mom and Jim around this time last year when they came to visit Isaiah and me in Switzerland. We took a magical train ride, visited a glacier and explored western Austria. Well, last week, the happy couple made it official and tied the knot in Riverside, California! Isaiah, my sister and I were the only witnesses to Mom and Jim's special day, and later we all celebrated their nuptials with a buffet lunch at The Mission Inn Restaurant.

Hotel Lobby at the Mission Inn


The Mission Inn Restaurant
The Courtyard Patio at the Mission Inn Restaurant

Despite having family living in Riverside County, I had never actually visited the downtown Riverside area. It's just lovely! What I found most impressive was its charming art-deco-meets-Spanish-mission architecture throughout Mission Inn Avenue. An award-winning cupcake shop, a massive antique mall, and an historic hotel all welcome visitors to this little corner of Southern California.

Mission Inn Avenue

Mission Inn Avenue

On the top: "Cupcake of the Month"
with raspberry cake and lemon curd filling.
Oh my. All cupcakes should have fillings! :)
On Main Street: One of the Winners of the Cupcake Wars

Entrance to the Hotel
View of the Hotel off Mission Inn Avenue

Lunch at The Mission Inn Restaurant was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. Great food, great drinks and great company -- I don't think Mom and Jim could have asked for a better wedding day. Congrats Mom and Jim! We love you!

The New Mr. and Mrs.


  1. congrats to the newly weds! Your mom is beautiful Amanda!

    I like the architecture!You almost get the feeling you are in another country!and those cupcakes, yum!

  2. Awe, Congrats to the happy couple...it is a beautiful place, it seems from your photos...Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elisa - thanks! I'll pass on the compliment :)

    Ashleigh - thank you! Isaiah and I want to go back to the hotel for a little get-away one of these days!

  4. I'm not going to lie, when I think of Riverside I don't necessarily think of cute and quaint. This place looks phenomenal! Definitely sheds a new light on the area that I never thought of before.
    And congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.

  5. Hi Ava! I know, right? I thought I had heard my mom wrong when she said she wanted to celebrate her wedding in Riverside. I was like, huh? but downtown Riverside is sooo different from other parts of the county.


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