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Space 87: "Mid-Century Furniture, Decor, Records, and More"
Whether or not I will always be OK with a little kitsch in my home remains to be seen, but for now I am 100% delighted with kitsch. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that we don't own a home yet and all of our furniture is hand-me-down (from my mom and Jim). Kitsch just kind of fits with where we our in our lives at the moment. 

My sense of style when it comes to home decor is a bit schizophrenic, to tell you the truth. I love the colors and textures of "the cultural home" (as in batik prints and embroidered wall hangings) as well as the neutrals and florals of a french country cottage home. All this to say, I fell in love with a booth in the Mission Galleria Antique Mall in Riverside, California. It's called Space 87 and every little bookend and tchotchke caught my eye. If it were my shop, I'd call it "The Kitschy Home" and I'd have a very difficult time parting with a lot of the merchandise.

Here are the two items we picked up and have lovingly incorporated into our home:

Grecian Coaster Set

This trinket was no doubt a souvenir someone brought home after a trip to Greece, back when souvenirs were actually made in the country you went to visit. (An inscription on the bottom reads "Made in Greece," which totally blew me away.) Each coaster features a photo of temple ruins or another traditional cultural aspect.

Plastic Desk Clock w/Alarm


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