Vintage Fashion Does the Earth Good

1. Nordstrom Sweater, 2. Silk Reworked Vintage Dress, 3. Reworked Vintage Mexican Top, and 4. Silk Blouse

 Happy Earth Day!

In case you've missed my past few posts, I just wanted to let you know that during the month of April I've been sharing some of the ways we can love La Pachamama all year long, not just during Earth Month:

Today, I'd like to briefly discuss my favorite way to honor my other mother: I proudly wear vintage fashion! Much of the fashion that is available and affordable to the average consumer is "fast fashion" (you know, that stuff that clogs our landfills and hogs a ton of non-renewable resources with its cheap-and-quick manufacturing process). However, we can follow the motto of "recycle, reduce, reuse" by donating our unwanted clothing and spending our hard-earned cash on gently-worn-yet-totally-reusable vintage and resale fashions.

How do you feel about vintage fashion and thrift shopping?


  1. I like the idea of thrift shopping, but if you are old enough to have worn it the first time around, it doesn't look so chic...hahaha...You, of course, look adorable. Also, I love that you put Avalle Gazpacho in your picture collage. Don't know if you've had a chance to go over to my blog lately, but as of yesterday, we are taking pre-orders for our cookbook...Send me and email, or head over to my blog and post a comment if you still want to order one...Take care...

  2. Krystal - Isn't it a thrill when you find vintage treasures??

    Ashleigh - Aww, shucks! By the way, I ordered my cookbooks. I can't wait until they arrive!

  3. Thanks for your support, Amanda...Hope you like it!


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