The Striped Awning: Ornamental AND Functional

... and good for your other mother, as a matter of fact. Yes, that's right. Covering your windows with awnings can drastically lower the amount of heat that builds up in your home, thus cutting the amount of energy you need to cool your house. (Yeah, us Americans love our air conditioners!) They can be solid colored, of course, but the ones that catch my eye are of the striped variety. (I adore stripes: on shirts, dresses, linens, umbrellas... whatever!)

Isaiah and I are almost close to being ready to buy a house. And over the past few days, we've sure had fun looking at listings online and daydreaming about our future home. One particular house we found doesn't have very much curb appeal, but I got to thinking about how darling it would look with some striped awnings over the front windows and back patio. My favorites are black and white with a pale yellow stucco. There's also navy and white or crimson and gold...

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Credit Where Credit Is Due:
Photos from top to bottom -- black and white beauty, black and white with pale yellow stucco, and crimson with gold.


  1. I'm enjoying reading your Eco-friendly posts, my brother-in-law only buys coffee with fair trade on it. It's important to him that farmers get their fair share.

    these photos remind me so much of tuscany!

    ps. my MIL is naturally talented. she did take a summer course but she was already painting.

  2. Hi Elisa! Yeah... If I could only have my very own Tuscan villa right here in San Diego. Sigh.

    Has your brother-in-law convinced you all to switch to Fair Trade coffee?

  3. well, here is the truth, we only drink drip coffee when we are at his house. We are BIG time turkish style coffee drinkers. We buy the Croatian brand of Brazilian coffee and drink it turkish style. (wow just realized how multicultural that sounds!)


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