Shades of Mustard: The Dominant Color in My Closet

Splash of Yellow!
"Teacher, what's your favorite color?"
"This color (pointing to my sweater)."
With a look of confusion on his face, "Mustard yellow?"

Close friends and family know, if you don't know what to get me for my birthday, give me something yellow. Anything yellow. Even a lemon. (I love lemons!) I never tire of adding more yellow to my wardrobe. Be it French's yellow, Dijon yellow or lemon yellow, I love them all.

Photo details:
Tweed blazer with leather trim -- Salvation Army
Striped Top -- Proenza Schouler for Target
Jeans - Paige Premium purchased at Carolyn's Resale Shop in Del Mar
Brogues - Vintage Joan and David
Yellow Scarf - Zara

(By the way, the day I wore the outfit pictured left, one of my students told me I looked French. I could have kissed her!)

Some of my favorite yellow pieces...

1. Beaded sweater from my dad's wife. She literally gave it to me off her back after I complimented her on it.
2. Ruffle zip cardigan with hood by Fiorucci
3. Silk camisole by Lucky
4. Vintage A.P.C. cotton sweater I scored on ebay!
5. Roeckl driving gloves
6. Opaque tights, gift from a friend
7. DVF silk blouse from Buffalo Exchange (resale shop)

Is there a dominant color in your wardrobe?


  1. You DO look a bit french in that photo, and great might I add.

    What I really really REALLY want to see is you in an entirely yellow outfit wearing those gloves. Please do that. I love yellow just below black and white- let's become best friends.

  2. Another fan of yellow! It's such a happy color.

    Yeah, an all yellow outfit with those tights and the gloves. The big bird look is tres chic, non??

  3. I love the belted sweater and the driving gloves! I really need to add more color to my wardrobe this spring!

  4. Thanks, Elisa! I do love the muted tones of fall, but when spring rolls around, it's time for big splashes of COLOR!


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