Swiss Shopping Snippets

A guide to supermarket shopping in Switzerland:

1. Lidl is great for everything from cheap Glühwein to random housewares to dairy to Suisse Garantie produce.

2. Migros has three types of markets available: the M is small with a limited selection, the MM is medium-sized, and the MMM is the largest with the widest selection of goods (clothes and groceries). Migros also offers the store-brand called "Budget." If you shop here enough, it's worth it to sign up for the club card because you can earn cash back in the form of vouchers.

3. Coop has everything Migros has and then some. There's stuff you can get at Coop that you can't at Migros, especially alcohol. They also have a good generic brand called "Prix Garantie," much like the Migros "Budget" brand.

4. Denner is a smaller store with a small selection of meats, frozen products, dairy and produce, but it's mostly good for picking up something you need urgently like TP or a bottle of wine.

5. Aldi Suisse is a good place to buy specials on clothing, coffee, cereals and other dry goods.

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