Here's a wrap-up of what I was up to the first half of December:

December 6, 2009. A glimpse of St. Nicolas while drinking Glühwein with friends at the Bregenz, Austria Christmas market. Didn't realize how much of a social event it is to meet up with friends for mulled wine out in the cold at a Christmas market. Also didn't realize how strong mulled wine is. Two tiny mugs = drunk Mandy.

December 9, 2009. Christmas market in Dornbirn, Austria with Cindy. Apparently St. Nick likes to climb trees.

Christmas came early! We got a package from Mom and Jim full of goodies we can't get here, among other things like books and such.

I baked Swiss cookies with Dee. Thanks for showing me the ropes! (Spitzbuben shown here.)


  1. Love the pics! It's funny about the Santa's up in the trees. In Spain, they hang Santas on ladders from the balconies and window sills. My oldest thinks it makes Santa look like a stalker! Thanks for sharing all the great pics!

  2. Hi Amanda! It's good to have you back blogging! And how about the holidays on the road? I hope to read about that soon :-)


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