Traveling to Switzerland (and Germany) Off-Season Part 2

Hello and Happy New Year! Glad to be back online and in blogging-mode. The plan is to share with you all of our adventures during our 3-week road trip through Italy, but first I will play a little catch up. 

Now, at the end of November, we were really lucky to have Sister come visit, and somehow we managed to pack a lot of fun into just 4 days. In Off-Season Part 1, I shared with you what we did during Days 1 & 2.

As for Days 3 & 4, we found ourselves in the midst of Christmas cheer. Although Lauren was unable to do a few of the Swiss activities she had hoped to because of closings in November, one thing she was just in time for was the Christmas market season!

Day 3: A walk along the promenade in Rorschach and through the Christmas market in St. Gallen. We had a very relaxing day staying local. Since we live such a short drive away from the Bodensee, we just had to show Lauren where we go for a walk or a swim. Not the Pacific Ocean, but it's a lovely port that reminds us of home, a little bit. After that we popped over to St. Gallen to check out the Christmas market -- lots of handicrafts and the like. We ate Olma sausages, of course, and then rushed around from Migros to Lidl to get everything for our raclette dinner before all the shops closed at 5 pm. She witnessed first-hand a typical Swiss afternoon for us -- not sure we'll ever get used to the shops closing so early.

Lakeside promenade

Mistletoe at the St. Gallen Christmas market

Day 4: Christmas markets in Munich and beer at the Hofbräuhaus. For a little day-trip, we hopped in the car and hit the road to Munich. We did a lot of walking around and pointing out landmarks and historical sites to the best of our memory, but the place that consumed most of our time was the Hofbräuhaus. We must have stayed there nearly three hours just laughing, drinking, chatting, and eating.

Some views of Marienplatz (below and top left):
Ice skaters at Karlsplatz:
Gold Pretzels

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  1. 3 week road trip through Italy??!?! Can't wait to hear more!!!


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