No, I haven't got my mind in the gutter -- XXXLutz is an Austrian furniture store and restaurant in one, a la IKEA. (Unlike IKEA with their house brand-only merchandise, XXXLutz carries its own brand as well as everything from Bosch to Miele.) For the past couple of months, Isaiah has been raving about this Wiener Schnitzel he had there with a colleague and finally took me so I can try for myself. However, since I usually prefer to order something different from Isaiah (I need to try out different dishes on the menu -- it's my thing), I went with some slightly-too-salty meat patties with Greek flavorings. My dish wasn't bad, but Isaiah's was better. (Nine times out of ten this is the case -- you would think I'd have learned my lesson by now.)

Now, IKEA is the place to go for reasonably priced furniture and reasonably priced food, whereas XXXLutz is the place to go for overpriced furniture and dirt cheap Schnitzel: €3.90! Yes, that price is in euros, which is another reason why living in a border town has its advantages. The next time you're in Feldkirch, Austria, taking in the old town's sights, make a detour to XXXLutz!

The Verdict
Setting: Casual dining room with table service (as opposed to cafeteria style at IKEA), friendly staff, and a fantastic (albeit overwhelming) 28-page menu with helpful photographs. Portions: Isaiah's meal was so large (big chunk of meat plus a pile of pommes frites) it could have fed the both of us. Quality: For the Wiener Schnitzel, you have a choice of pork or turkey. Isaiah chose turkey, and I found it moist and tasty. Variety: You'll mostly find fried foods, but there are vegetarian options as well as Spätzle, snacks, salads, and breakfast. Overall: A trip over the border is totally worth it.

The company's symbol is a red chair, featured in the dining room decor.


  1. Woah, that sounds delicious. I haven't had good schnitzel... ever? Definitely not in Hong Kong, at least!


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