Day Trip: Konstanz

Living in a Swiss border town, and one so close to several borders, means we visit a lot of other border towns. We've met up with friends in Feldkirch (Austrian/Liechtenstein border), gone swimming in Bregenz (Austrian/German border), and taken lots of various shopping, cycling, and side trips here and there. Popping over to Germany, Liechtenstein, or Austria is often easier and closer than visiting many Swiss cities, including Zürich.

One border town we hadn't visited yet was Konstanz (German/Swiss border), just a 45-minute drive away. So, a few weeks ago, during one of the last sunny summer weekends, we set out for this gem on the Bodensee. Geographically, the town intermingles with neighboring Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, but has a distinctive personality of its own. A University town with a modest population, Konstanz is one of Germany's top tourist destinations. (Left is a photo of the Marktstätte.)

We spent our day shopping at the Einkaufszentrum "Lago" near the lake, enjoying soft serve ice cream while strolling along the harbor, and getting lost in the winding cobblestone streets. The town is small enough to manage in one day, but attractive enough to warrant repeated visits. We were so impressed by the laid back atmosphere, great shopping, and satisfying falafel plates that I am sure we'll be back next summer. Perhaps during a future visit we'll check out one of the beaches or the Sea Life park, for which Migros Cumulus Card-holders get a discount - you know how much I love that!


Schnetztorturm, part of the old city wall


  1. I love border towns. They always have a specific flavor different from the rest of the country. I went to a Swiss/Italian border town that I don't remember the name of that reflected a lot more Italian culture than Swiss. Konstanz looks charming.

  2. Well I guess Konstanz is what I would imagine a 'typische' university to be. It looks quaint.


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