Vouchers for Free Time Fun in Switzerland

Have you seen me? Maybe you have, but you just walked right on by. Bad move! Go back to Migros and pick me up near the front of the store where they keep the Klubschule programs and all the fliers for events around town.

What am I, you ask? I am a booklet filled with vouchers for discounts on different attractions all over Switzerland. I come with eight vouchers for adults and eight vouchers for kids. Also, I include an explanation for each attraction and a table that lists the regular price for each attraction alongside the discounted price. It's not heaps of savings, after all this is Switzerland, but I do make it easier to splurge on a more expensive glass of wine.

How do these fancy vouchers work? Simply complete the personal information on the backside of each voucher (they are not valid until this part is complete), present it at the cashier's desk of your desired attraction, and you'll get your discount. For example, you can visit the Alpamare water park (M-F, 4 hour pass) for CHF 33, instead of CHF 38.

How long are these vouchers good for? You can use the vouchers through November 4th, 2009. The other cool thing is if you miss out on the vouchers this time around, Migros comes out with a similar booklet in the winter.

Is there a catch? Actually, yes. You must be a Cumulus Card member to use the vouchers, but that's not all. Remember how I said you must complete the back side of the voucher with personal information? Well, the bottom part asks for your "Genossenschaft" number, NOT your Cumulus Card number. You can find this number on a little orange card you should have received in the post after you signed up for the Cumulus Card program. I hope you saved this! You may even be asked to present the card when you use the vouchers. To let the savings begin, go ahead and dig around for a card that looks like this:


  1. Glad to hear that the Swiss are doing some sort of discount program. Can tourists use this or is it just for residents?

  2. Hey Fly Girl! To answer your question, yes and no. You could use these coupons as a tourist as long as you can get your hands on one of those little orange cards I mentioned in my post. If you find yourself in my neck of the woods, I'd be happy to set you up with some vouchers!

  3. I've been wondering what that card might be for! Didn't understand that part of the German and have been meaning to ask my German step-dad to translate for me!


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