My Love Affair with the Bodensee

Sunset over the Bodensee - Bregenz, Austria

Completely inspired by a recent Swisstory post, here are five reasons why the Bodensee, or Lake Constance, has won my heart.

1. Memories -- The day Isaiah picked me up from the airport when I first arrived in Switzerland, we stopped by the lakeside near Rorschach on our way home. He was so excited to show me that we would be living not too far from the lake.

2. Weekend stroll -- On lazy weekends, we love coming here to walk around, people watch, enjoy an ice cream, or watch the sailboats. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the people of this region walk along the lake's promenade to see and be seen: heels, make-up, slick back hairdos, the works.

3. Bike paths galore -- Whether it's a casual bike to Rorschach and back or a more ambitious 3-day ride, I love that it is possible to cycle around the entire lake. (Although it would probably take me more like 5 days, cycling around the entire lake is still on our to-do list.)

4. Three countries -- The lake touches Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. How cool is that? One of our first day trips was to Lindau, an island sitting on the German side of the lake, just a half hour drive from our home.

5. Swimming -- There's an opportunity for every taste. Prefer a grassy area and a Garderobe? For a modest fee, the beaches on the Swiss side are your best bet. Don't mind a little "towel-change"? Just park yourself for free along the stony walls in Bregenz where locals go for a swim even after sunset.


  1. I still need to visit the Bodensee. Only have gone by it on the train thinking how beautiful it always looks.

  2. How lovely! Austria always dazzled me with its beauty and that little island would lure me over all the time!


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