Nidelzeltli: A Sweet Swiss Treat

During a visit to a cheese shop in Schwägalp, Isaiah pointed out a säckli of little caramel-colored cubes. (Well, they were cubes, but ours got a little crushed in the backpack.) With the ingredients listed as simply milk, cream, and sugar, how could we go wrong?

Very similar to Mexican cajeta, these candies are downright delicious. So the next time you see Nidelzeltli on offer (or whenever you come visit us), make sure to give them a try! It's so tempting to keep popping them in your mouth, but the tiny bag lasts a lot longer when you savor each one and let it melt in your mouth...


  1. I LIVE for candies like these. Every country seems to have a version. My fave was cocada in Brazil.


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