Arosa Classic Car Race

Now in its fifth year, the Arosa Classic Car Race once again delighted Old-timer enthusiasts with three days of mountain racing. Several weeks ago, Isaiah and I noticed a poster in our town advertising the event and had marked our calendars for this past weekend. Friday and Saturday were warm-up and preliminary races, so we headed to Arosa, in canton Graubünden, on Sunday for the finals.

The track extended nearly 8 km on the main road from Langwies to Arosa. This year there were official ticketed grandstand seats, or you could view the race from other designated areas along the track for free. A few restaurants in Arosa were situated along the end of the track, so patrons could watch the races while enjoying a beer in the outdoor dining areas.

Of course, viewing the end of the race is not as exciting as watching amateur race car drivers handle those mountain road curves, so Isaiah and decided to hike to an off-the-beaten-path spot along the track for a better view. My idea of hiking generally involves marked trails, but that didn't seem to work out for us this time. We ended up foraging through forest and huckleberry bushes to get anywhere near the road.

Isaiah was super excited to pick these berries - it reminded him of living in Montana...

We did find a great little spot, especially since it was on the side of the mountain and out of harm's way. (I was a bit freaked out about drivers losing control and ramming into spectators standing along the sides of the track.)

Need for speed!

After watching the first two races, we returned to town to check out the race tents. Visitors could enter the tents for free and check out all of the cars participating in the race.

Despite a cloudy morning and the COLD, we had a great day in the mountains, especially since the sun finally came out in the afternoon. Although this was my second visit to Arosa, I still haven't taken the gondola up into the mountains for the amazing hikes up there. The plan is to come back next summer and do that, and maybe bring along some mountain bikes? (Yikes!)


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