Für Mich und Dich: Simple Recipes and Easy Meals "for Me and You"

You could say that one of my hobbies since moving to Switzerland is sitting with my German-English dictionary in hand attempting to decipher the variety of texts that come my way. One type of text in particular is the recipe cards I have been collecting from Coop supermarket since February of this year. Found near the entrance of almost every shop (and feel FREE to take as many as you like), the recipes range from desserts to apéros to main dishes from a variety of cuisines. Most recently, I tried the Käsewähe recipe pictured here, which serves as a tasty light evening meal -- even leftovers work well for a hearty breakfast.

What I love about these recipes is that they are usually very easy to follow (despite being written in a language other than my mother tongue) with simple procedures. Some may take more time than others, but of those I have tried, none have been too complicated to carry out. The inside of each card features preparations on the left and a shopping list on the right, including color photographs and labels of some of the ingredients -- perfect for this German-language learner. I know many of my veggies now, for sure!

Although most of the shopping lists suggest Coop brand products or items found only at Coop, I almost never follow this part very strictly. Really, I find no difference between Coop's Betty Bossi Kuchenteig (paste) and the same product sold at Migros. Coop, never one to miss an opportunity to make an etxra buck, also sells special books to help you organize your Coop recipes. I'll just continue to store mine in envelopes, thank you.

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