The Queso Suizo Project: Goat Cheese

I am very pleased to introduce the first-ever goat cheese to be featured in The Queso Suizo Project. Up until now, I have been sampling Swiss cheeses made only from cow's milk, but I have finally branched out to include this fine Geiss Chäs Spitzberg.

This beauty was on Aktion at the Migros cheese counter last week, and I was eager to give it a try. At triple the price of the Appenzeller Mild that was on sale, I brought home only this sliver for a little taste test. Since this goat cheese has a semi-hard texture, it was easy to slice and eat alone. Actually, I am quite unfamiliar with hard goat cheeses, as I am used to the fresh spreadable and crumbled varieties. Nonetheless, I found that this delicious selection has me curious to try other semi-hard goat cheeses.

I hesitate to compare it to feta, which technically is made mostly with sheep's milk, but the texture and flavor remind me of something like taking less salty feta and dehydrating it. Although this Spitzberg goat cheese has a mild flavor, it remains clearly distinguishable from its semi-hard cow's milk counterparts.

Bottom line: Manages to make aged cheese taste fresh.

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  1. No matter how you slice it,goat cheese is always good!


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