A Spring Story

The backyard lavender that's been smashed and buried by snow this past winter is finally starting to resume its perky posture.

I feel a bit like this lavender. During winter, I'm buried in coats and boots and scarves and gloves -- it's suffocating. I don't feel quite like myself, nor do I look like myself. Now that spring is here, I have shed those cold weather duds for short sleeved blouses and flip flops (even if it's just for a few hours around noon). I walk with my shoulders back and my face to the sun; I'm beginning to feel like me again. I hope that soon the color will return to the lavender bushes, but not as much as I hope to get some color back in my skin!

A woman at the bus stop today was wearing jeans and a long sleeved top with grungy old hiking boots. Her hair was a bit disheveled and she alternated between scolding her dog and her son. About an hour later, we met again at the bus stop. Still with dog and boy in tow, her demeanor had changed; her hair was up in a loose bun and her face was glowing. She had ditched her former outfit for a bright colored sun dress and some sandals, but her bag was empty. I like to think that she just got so fed up with cold weather clothes that she popped into the first clothing shop she saw, found a pretty dress, and deserted her jeans in the dressing room. I think she's as excited about spring as I am.

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