For the Woman Who Has Money to Burn

No, no, we haven't been to India recently, so those prices are not in rupees. Yes, my friends, a boutique in Lugano had this, um, fashion displayed in its window, and those price tags are in Swiss francs! I mean, really, you slap a "Made in Italy" label on an ugly dress and you can charge this kind of money?

I don't get it. It looks like some Milanese designer ransacked his grandmother's wardrobe from the late 70s/early 80s and decided that it would be fashionable to bring back this "retro" look. I hope this designer did it as a joke to see how many fools would actually buy this stuff. I know that older ladies find this style tasteful and conservative, and I can respect that. But CHF 800 for that blouse???

I've heard a lot of people say that the Swiss are quite fashionable, but I think that's a bit exaggerated. I have no grounds to speak, since I spend the whole day in my pajamas, but have you seen the girls who wear super baggy bright colored sweatpants and tuck them into their socks? Don't get me started on the older women who stuff their non-skinny jeans (even cargo pants) into their boots. At least they're trying to update their look, I guess.


  1. Yeah, the prices are amazing here. People don't either seem to realize or don't seem to care that they are being ripped off. Not sure which one it is.

  2. Or care that their clothes are butt ugly.

  3. I think I might have looked in the same store window when I was in Lugano a couple of years ago, and I was also surprised at the prices. Are they made to order, rather than off the rack? Resort pricing? A big name (although dowdy) designer? What!? What!?

  4. Hi Mandy. I love you and miss you.



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