Went to a Show: Electric Six in Switzerland

It's a funny thing to go see a show with English language music in a foreign country. You can't be sure how much the audience really understands the lyrics, as sometimes I don't even understand them. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went to see Electric Six (from now on E6, the way some friends have referred to them in print) at a dive bar/music venue called Mariaberg.

The opening band was called Alex Face. Seeing as how the space is tight, we were close enough for Isaiah to ask/shout at them, "Where are you from?" They answered, "Sweden." Later, Dick Valentine (isn't that a great name?), the lead singer of E6, took a poll and asked how many people in the room spoke English. About half of the spectators raised their hands, but I am sure ours were the only two American hands.

At one point, Dick took a stab at a little German while commenting on the abundance of males present that evening, "I see lots of Herren here, but this next one is for the Damen."

E6 was awesome. If you don't know them yet, check them out on iTunes or on "My Swiss Soundtrack" found at the bottom left corner of this blog. My favorite song is "Down at McDonaldz" and when they started that song I just could not stop moving! We danced, we sang along, and mostly we were excited that we could understand what Dick was saying. Everybody cool...

Dick kept waving around this shrink wrapped cucumber during the entire show.

The Swissies slam dance.


  1. AWESOME post.

    PS. How awesome are the band names Alex Face and Dick Valentine on a scale from 1-10? 12.

  2. Thanks!

    At the bar, which is an important detail, we tried asking one of the guys from Alex Face how the band came up with that name. His response, "Long story." Lame.

  3. god! always wanting to go to Swiss. beautiful.

    are their music great?


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