The Queso Suizo Project: Processed Cheese

Now, don't freak out. I never claimed to be a cheese purist. Cheese is cheese, processed or fresh. The fact that I am writing about a processed cheese product should not be so alarming. It is all part of my project. I've got to see what's out there and decide whether or not I like it. And really, let's not get carried away here; we're not talking about Kraft cheese slices (you know the ones individually wrapped in plastic). This is Switzerland after all so if they're going to do processed cheese, they're going to do it right. Right?

Well, I have to admit that I still can't bring myself to by the Swiss version of those Kraft cheese slices, but if I am going to eat a processed cheese, it's for the purpose of spreading it on a piece of bread. So, we decided to give this Gerber brand variety pack a try.

I do realize that really yummy fresh cheeses (usually with a fluffy texture) are readily available and can also be spread on bread, but the processed kind that come individually foil wrapped in single serve wedges are thicker and (usually) creamier and oh so convenient. They aren't even in the refrigerated section. In fact, if you want to make these Gerber babies spread, you shouldn't put them in the fridge, at least I don't think so. You see we did put these in the fridge, because I can't bring myself to put cheese in the cupboard, and what I discovered is that the Emmentaler and Appenzeller cheeses just don't spread. The other types more or less spread, but only after you leave them out of the fridge for several minutes. At the end of the day, I am not so thrilled about Gerber's so-called cheese spreads. To be honest, we've been using the French brand cheese spread called "La vache qui rit" for the last six months and I just love it. You can keep it in the fridge and it still spreads!

Bottom line: Flavorful but un-spreadable.


  1. Good to know. :)

    PS. I think you are my cheese soulmate

  2. Ya know - I do like the pre-sliced goat cheese. Just like regualar goat cheese but pre-sliced. The only thing is that is the weight vs frank ratio is bad.


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