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Since buying our big-ass TV back in November, I have been spending a lot of time with Ralitsa Vassileva and Rosemary Church. These ladies are my friends from CNN International, the only English language TV channel we get, which is part of the basic TV programming that comes with our building. After several months of hanging out with these people on a regular basis, I feel like I know them. A little creepy? Maybe. Pathetic? For sure. Anyway, all that is about to change because we just found out that some channels have this Dual 1/Dual 2 feature that allows you to CHANGE the language of a particular program. (Are we the last ones to find out about this?) One such station is Eurosport. Good thing for Isaiah because Formula 1 season is around the corner and he was dreading having to listen to German announcers, i.e. background noise. All we have to do is press the "Tools" button on our remote control and scroll down to change the setting from Dual 1 to Dual 2. The indecipherable German is instantly replaced by the welcomed voices of British announcers (which can sometimes be a little incomprehensible to "Amrrcan" ears, but that's another story). Also, many Swiss channels play American films dubbed in German, French, or Italian. Now we can use the Dual 1/Dual 2 feature to enjoy many of these movies in their original version. Just this past weekend we watched "Daddy Day Care" auf Englisch. Heck yeah!

How do we know that a particular station offers this feature? Well, when we channel surf, we look at the display in the upper left corner, which will flash Stereo/Mono/Dual 1. Whenever we see the Dual 1, we give it a try in Dual 2. Watch out for the Euro News stations, though, because sometimes when Dual 1 is in German, Dual 2 is in French, not English.


  1. omg! i have a post in our blog about the same thing! mondays on SF2 they show boston legal (all week)desperate housewives, greys anatomy, and dr house. enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Now I have to go back and scour your blog to see what else I missed... How is Sofia???

  3. Ah ha! Thanks for the tip! Amanda AND Jazibe!


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