All hail the Heilsarmee

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend. Her name is "Hercules," named after her manufacturer (easier this way since the name is already painted on her frame). Isn't she a beauty? I know Hercules is a boy's name, but it's kind of like a boy named "Sue" only in reverse.

We found her at the local Heilsarmee Brocki (Salvation Army Second-hand Shop). There she was in the rooftop section for garden furniture: leaning up against a pillar, her tires limp, but her spirit strong. We had originally gone there to look for a glass vase, but instead we brought her home. After pumping some air in her tires, Isaiah took her for a spin to determine if we needed to make any adjustments or pick anything up for her at the local bike shop (Radsport Frei). I watched as he rode Hercules around the parking lot, and she looked like she was so pumped to finally be in use again. I think she may have been gathering dust in someone's garage for over ten years, as her last Velovignette dates back to 1998 and, for being an older bike, she is in perfect condition, rust-free and everything. Isaiah determined that everything was working properly and suggested that as soon as he finished making adjustments to his own bike we could go off for a ride that afternoon!

Hercules couldn't be more perfect. She feels just like a new bike, but for a fraction of the cost. New Hercules City bikes go for at LEAST 500 Euros, and we got my girl for a mere CHF 140!

On Sunday, despite the scattered rain showers, we took a ride across the border to Austria. The best part is we were not alone. With spring in the air, the gray skies didn't stop these people from enjoying their Sunday stroll along the Rhein. Just bring an umbrella or a rain poncho and the problem is solved!

By the way, we found some geese and I decided to pose with them. It's a novelty, really, for me to pose with geese, since the only goose I have ever seen is Mother Goose. I'm serious!

UPDATE: Prompted by Chantal's comment below, I googled the "Slow Up" event and found this website:


  1. Great that you got a bike! You'll have to do a Slow Up ride when they start at the end of April. A great way to see Switzerland and for free!

  2. Oh, please tell me more about the Slow Up ride!

  3. Run the roads, baby, run the roads. :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Chantal, I can't wait!


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