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I don't really miss a whole lot of "American stuff" (mostly people), but one thing I do miss is coupons from the Sunday paper! For me, there is something so relaxing and therapeutic about plopping myself in front of the television with a pair of scissors and the glossy coupon booklets and snipping away at deals on pasta sauce and deodorant sticks. The best part, of course, was taking my carefully organized coupons to the Vons supermarket and watching them redeem DOUBLE the value of each coupon. (Yes, instead of $1.00 off string cheese, Vons gives you $2.00 off.)

It's not that they don't have coupons here, but they are far and few between. Not only that, I have yet to find manufacturers' coupons. All I've come across are ones exclusive to a certain shop. However, the coupons I recently received in the mail are better than any coupon I've ever encountered in the Sunday paper. People, I am talking about the coupons you earn from presenting the Cumulus Card every time you shop at Migros. Several weeks ago, Jessica from Swisstory wrote a helpful post about how the program works, but I had yet to see the fruit of my shopping labor. Now it has all finally paid off! As you see from the photo - we've just earned CHF 30 in free stuff from Migros. For our current status of 2,000 points (1,000 rolled over from previous earning period and/or bonus points and 1,000 points for CHF 1,000 total purchases at all Migros shops and affiliates in current period) we earned CHF 20 in free stuff. Additionally, for spending at least CHF 1,000 within the current two-month earning period (which you'll recall was already included in our point status), we earned an extra CHF 10 in merchandise.

Yes, I realize that we're earning back a meager 1% of what we spend, but I prefer not to think about that too much. COUPONS!!


  1. Awesome! I have yet to see the fruits of my labor - and I'm trying to loyal to the Migros just to rack up the points. Do you think it holds you back from shopping other places? It does for me.

  2. Well, if you mean small specialty shops or farmer's markets by "other places" then, yes, the cumulus card holds me back from shopping there. I would say I shop at Migros 60% of the time, Coop 30% of the time, and Denner or Aldi 10% of the time.

  3. Hey! I've just gotten my first batch of Bon-Bons as well.
    How precious... a 30chf reward for spending over 3000chf...

    Keep an eye out for those 20x punkte promos in the mean time! ka-ching!

  4. Lordy. The most I ever get back is CHF 5... do tell me your secrets!


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