Bunny Breeding

Recent visits to Migros and Coop supermarkets have revealed that chocolate bunnies in Switzerland breed just like cartoon bunnies! I can't remember what the chocolate Easter bunny section was like last year at the supermarkets I frequented in San Diego, but I doubt it was anything like what I have been witnessing lately. I'm not talking about just a proliferation of white, milk, dark, and speckled chocolate rabbits - the sizes and prices tags are also outrageous! (I swear, one was about as tall as a preschooler, and one of the larger Lindt bunnies cost CHF 49.95!) Is this a traditional Swiss celebration of Easter or an excuse for chocolatiers to pump up their revenue?


  1. MMmM... they sure are tasty bunnies. I found the cheaper migros brand ones are hollow. The more expensive ones are filled :)

  2. Omigosh! So many bunnies, so little time!!!


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