One Step Forward

Fact: For snowboarders, T-bar lifts at ski slopes suck. Today, after several hours of T-bar lift use, I have that uncomfortable pain in my crotch you get from going for a long bike ride. In the past, I have fallen off these kinds of lifts nearly every time I have used them. Really, up until today, I loathed these lifts because of that annoying fear of falling off. Now, I am happy and proud to report that I have overcome my fear of the T-bar. Do I still despise them? No, I can’t say I hold such strong negative feelings for them as before. I do, however, continue to dislike them for the crotch pain and maybe soon I will feel indifferent to them.

Since I still need more practice on the snowboard, I think it’s a waste of money to take me to the nice ski resorts with the chair lifts. The alternative, then, is to explore the smaller lower capacity slopes that are scattered about our region. The lift tickets for these runs are around half the price of resort tickets, which is why you're likely to find only one or two slopes. Plus, the lifts are usually of the less expensive T-bar variety. Not to worry! Now that I have spent the day conquering the T-bar lift (that is I stayed on all the way to the top and never once fell off), it won’t be such a problem for me to frequent more of the lower capacity slopes and consequently work on my “skills” a little (a lot) more. As for how I will eliminate the crotch bruising, I plan to wear Isaiah’s bike shorts, with a padded crotch, under my snow pants.

Today’s lift (the metal contraption that is barely visible in the right hand side of the photo above) is located in 9108 Gonten (Appenzell).

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