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I consider myself a thoughtful person, but when it comes to giving gifts to my husband, I just never know what to get him. I am thoughtful enough to know that he's quite particular, so for the past several holidays I have asked him what he would like, though I never really get a straight answer. Instead, I get an "I don't know" or at the very least some sort of clue as to what he might like. For this year's Valentine's Day, things went a little differently.

"Hey babe," I begin out of the blue, "since we're saving up money for our trip back to San Diego, what do you say we skip V-day gifts this year and just write each other a love letter?"

I don't know if it's the idea of having to sit and write a letter or if he's feeling inspired by an old Swisstory post, but Isaiah whips out a surprising response.

"I know! Why don't we buy each other Swiss Army pocketknives?"

I am so taken aback by his straightforward answer that I'm immediately on board. "Ok. That sounds great!"

True, we admire Swiss Army pocketknives every time we see them in a shop window. Although I'm not exactly licking the glass, I do believe these handy knives are quite useful. Still, I never imagined we'd be exchanging pocketknives on the supposed Day of Romance. I am, nonetheless, very happy to finally buy a gift for my honey that I'm positive he will enjoy and actually use - now that's love.

Isaiah received the "Ranger" model and I received the "Classic Pink" with just the necessities: toothpick, tweezers, nail file, blade, and scissors. Both are by Victorinox. I adore my new knife and its pretty pink color, and I've already used the tweezers!


  1. Swisscards are the best things! I never leave home without it, and it slips prettily into my wallet.

    The history behind it:
    My husband had a blue version, but somehow had it misplaced (for a while). So I thought to be kind, and "replaced" him with a red Swisscard for his birthday. As luck would have it, we eventually found the original blue swisscard, so the red new one is mine! Mwah-ha-ha...

  2. I was eying those Swisscards, but Isaiah insisted (in his own way) on the bulky Ranger knife. I think the Swisscards make nice gifts!

  3. Yeah I want one too.. not sure why, no glass licking here either, but they sure are handy. Just dont forget to take them out of your purse when flying.

  4. Good point about taking it out of my purse. I'll be sure to pack it in my checked baggage because you betcha I'll be showing off my new pink friend when I go back to the states for a visit!


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