This is what I do: A Weekend Getaway in Venice

Isaiah and I have enjoyed a great deal of exploring this month. We welcomed November by making our way south to Venice to meet up with my mom and Jim on their Italian holiday. Isaiah still talks about how he enjoyed speaking English with them. (It was a nice break from meetings and trainings in German.)

Venice with Momma!

This was our second trip to Venice together and my third visit, but I doubt I'll ever tire of visiting that city. We spent most of our time just wandering around and getting lost in the maze of canals and alleyways. One thing we did differently this time around was stay in a hotel off the island in nearby Mestre. Our hotel room near the train station during our first trip together was the size of a closet, had a shared bathroom and cost 100 euros per night! Our hotel in Mestre was much more affordable and spacious and had quick, easy bus access to Venice. We also took a quick trip to the island of Murano, which is something I had wanted to do for a while. Murano is easily accessible by way of a vaporetto, or water bus.

Other recent weekend getaways:

Last weekend we took a day trip to Munich, which was full of people hustling and bustling in near freezing cold weather. As a special treat, we had an early dinner so Isaiah could enjoy his favorite weisswurst before our 2 hour drive back home. At one point, while wandering around aimlessly, Isaiah expressed some annoyance with my pace.

"Why are you walking so slow?"

"Why should I walk so fast? I'm on vacation."

This past Saturday we drove to Zürich to do some exploring. It was snowy on the way there and all during our time there, but we didn't mind so much with our bellies full of chocolate, glühwein (warm spiced red wine), and lángos (deep-fried flat bread, kind of like a funnel cake).

On making new friends, Isaiah and I seem to be doing fine. Saturday evening we met up with our German friends and their Liechtensteiner friends. We spent several hours enjoying more glühwein, homemade soup, and singing American pop music (E on the bongo, A on the guitar, Isaiah percussion, and R/F/me vocals). I think our version of "Killing Me Softly" beats Lauryn Hill's.

I like that what I do here feels like an extended vacation.

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  1. Hey Amanda. Sounds like you're having an amazing time. It's so great hearing what life entails for ya. Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see you guys when you come back to 'visit'!!


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