I live here.

When Swiss people ask me if I'm on holiday, it feels so strange to say, "No, I live here." I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not at camp or something and won't be going back "home" soon. No, here is home.

So what exactly does living here entail? Well, we do a bit of relaxing, napping, and going on hikes.

We also explore nearby towns and shopping centers. During one visit to Altstätten, we stumbled upon what Isaiah coined a "cat-walk," a sort of fire-escape-like apparatus to help kitties reach ground level. We also think that maybe mini-people used to live here.

My favorite hike so far was one we took a couple of weeks ago near a town called Wasserauen. The trail took us to Meglisalp and then down through Seealpsee, which you can see in the photo.

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