Words Paloma's Way Volume 1

Some cute phrases as of late:
I see you.
I got chu.
What doing? (What are you doing?)
I luh you too! (I love you. Said even if she initiates.)
Mommy, I'm really, really, really hun-king. (I'm hungry.)
I'm tiny. (I seriously don't know where she got that. We do NOT call her tiny!)
Mommy, are you happy? (Whenever I am clearly not, like in the middle of a frustrating moment or when I have raised my voice is her favroite time to ask this question.)

For a while she called her brother "Huntie," but now she says it nice and drawn out, "Huuun - terrr!"
She also calls him bruder.

boap = soap
nen = again
golo = girl (e.g. "I'm a big golo.")
blue strawberries = blueberries
pink strawberries = raspberries

Finally, she makes up all kinds of songs to the tune of "Frère Jacques."
For example (made up while staring at her rainboots in the car one morning): Flower, flower, flower, flower, flower boots, flower boots, flower, flower, flower, flower, flower, flower, flower boots, flower boots.

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