Words Hunter's Way Volume 3

I started this post 10 months ago, and I am pleased to report that these Hunter-isms are still valid!

mar-ball = marble e.g. Mommy, do you want to play mar-balls with me?

aspirated "th" is often pronounced with a "f" e.g. baf insetad of bath

nestes = nests e.g. The birds are flying home to their nestes.

along those lines... maskes = masks

Cheesy-Max = T.J. Maxx (mommy's favorite store)

"Now it's really XYZ!" = to emphasize that something is at its max or most evident. e.g. There were leaves everywhere, "Now it's really fall!" Also, when the rain started coming down hard, he said, "Now it's really raining!"

Walkie-talkie = teriyaki

"Is today tomorrow?" If I tell him something will happen tomorrow, then the next day he usually asks this question.

before this day = yesterday

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