Labor Day Sale at Tea Collection

(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Photos courtesy of Tea Collection.) 

Holiday weekends are for hanging out with friends and family... and shopping online! Amirite? This weekend, I'll be at my favorite online shops getting undies from PACT (Fair Trade and organic cotton) and kids clothes from Tea

You guys, if you didn't figure it out from this post, I am obsessed with Tea Collection! Their clothes for kids are just too cute. I love that the company gives back in many different ways. I love that each collection is inspired by a different region around the world. (For their fall collection, they were inspired by Japan. I loved reading in their catalog about different school practices there. They eat lunch at their desks instead of a school cafeteria. And did you know that the school year starts in April?) I love that they strive for ethical manufacturing practices. And I LOVE their sales.

Tea hit it out of the park again with the graphic tees for boys. I can't decide between the Mt. Fuji tee and the Kyoto tee. (Though I will probably pick the Kyoto tee because why would I buy a little boy who likes to play in the dirt a shirt that is not grey or brown?) For Paloma, I want to get one of the adorable kimono tops. I hate to buy dresses for her because they totally get in the way of crawling. Later when she can walk, I will get her short dresses that she can wear with leggings. (Truth be told, I bought an adorable size 2 dress for her from Tea's Italy sale. I couldn't resist!)

I can't wait to see their next collection!

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