Paloma at 4 Months

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I remember my mom telling me, even before I ever became a mother, that while she was pregnant with my sister, she wondered if she could ever love another baby as much as she loved me. Of course, when my sister came, she realized that a mother's love is not only boundless but abundant too. I have also discovered these things since Paloma's birth. I love my two babies more than I could have ever imagined. And this girl, gah! She already has such a little personality. She loves attention from all her cousins but especially her brother. No one can make her giggle like he can. Watching her grow and develop, my love for her multiplies daily.

She is still talking up a storm and, at times, expresses her concerns with screaming. While Paloma was into her left hand during her 3rd month, this month she found both hands. She now brings them together as well as examines them both. She has started taking objects like teething rings when placed in front of her at a reachable distance. At first she was only taking an object with one hand and only when placed very close to her hand, but right at the 4-months mark she started taking toys with both hands and bringing them to her mouth. For example, at the beginning of the month, she could barely hold onto Sophie the giraffe, and now she can bring it to her mouth! Also during her 4th month, she rolled onto her back during tummy time, but she's only done that once. 

These are her current extracurricular activities: giggling with brother, grasping (these beads; these are similar), chewing (on this and this as well as her fingers), sucking her thumb (recent development), listening to books, doing strong girl (tummy time), swatting and tugging at toys at her activity gym (handmade toys by my mom -- post forthcoming), and lots of smiling! 


  1. What a little cutie she is! And I love the outfit you have her in, Amanda! This post is so very sweet. I can't imagine the abundance of love you must feel as a mum!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lar, and for your sweet comment. It's a core shaker, this motherhood thing :) Although this outfit was a gift, goodness, I have to summon every ounce of self-control when it comes to baby girl clothes.

  2. love the new look!

    what a cutie she is!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sabine. Was definitely getting tired of the old template. And yay for baby girls! ;)


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